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LED Theatrical Lighting

jelly par profile LED light for up and down lighting

Jelly Par Profile

•2-FX-IN-1: Glowing transparent Wash Fixture with 108 10mm LEDs (26 Red, 46 Green, & 36 Blue LEDs)

•Beam Angle: 30 degrees

•Power Draw: 14W Max

Dimensions (LxWxH): 9”x8.75”x3.5”

Jelly par up lights on wall

Mega Go Par 64 RGBA

•Battery powered ultra bright par 64 with 177, 10mm LED's

•Smooth RGBA color mixing

•Rechargable lithium battery built in to fixture

•Flicker Free

•30 degree beam angle

• Rechargeable Lithium battery powered with wireless DMX
• IP65, Outdoor Rated, par fixture with five Hex RGBWA + UV LEDs (6in- LEDs)
• 6 Operational modes: Static Color; RGBWA+UV Dimmer Mode; Color Change; Color Fade; Auto Run (Program Run); and DMX Controlled
• 64 built-in Color Macros
• LED pulse and strobe effect
• Flicker Free Operation
• Electronic Dimming: 0 - 100%
• Beam angle: 40-degree
• LED Source: 5x 10-Watt Hex LEDs (6-in-1 RGBWA+UV- Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber, & UV LEDs
• Battery Charge Time: 5 Hours (With LOAD Off)
• Battery Life: 5 Hours Full On, 8 Hours in Energy Save Mode (With Full Charge)
• Power Draw: 56W total (All LED's @ Full On)
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 12.25” x 11” x 7.5” / 310 x 280 x 194mm
• Weight: 12 lbs. / 5.48 kg.

Dotz Par

•Light SourceL 1 x 36-Watt COB TRI LED

•Beam Angle: 60-Degrees (25-degrees with supplied lens kit)

•Power Draw: 36W Max

Dimensions (LxWxH): 13.5"”x5.75”x5.75"

Mega Hex Par
• Vibrant slim flat black Par with 5 x 6-Watt, 6-IN-1 Hex (RGBWA+UV) LEDs
• HEX LEDs allow for a wider pallet of colors like hot pink, lime green and electric blue
• 5 Operational modes: Auto Run Mode (16 Color Change Mode, 16 Color Fade Modes, & 1 Combined Mode), Sound Active Mode (16 Modes), RGBAW + UV Dimmer Mode, Static Color Mode (63 Colors), and DMX Controlled
• Beam Angle: 25-degrees
• 63 built-in Color Macros
• Color strobe effect
• Electronic Dimming: 0-100%
• Flicker Free
• Power Draw: 30W Max
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.25”x 10.25”x 4.25”/ 261x260x110mm
Mega Hex Par

LED Gobo Projector

•Bright white 10W LED indoor Gobo Projector

•Gobo size: 26.8mm; Viewable size: 24mm

•FX Switch on rear panel for static or slow rotation of gobo

•Beam Angle: 13 degrees

•Power consumption: 12W max

Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.75”x8”x4.25”

Gobo projector LED light
Gobo projector LED light effects
IKON LED projector light

IKON LED Gobo Projector

•Bright white 10W LED indoor Gobo Projector

•Gobo size: 26.8mm; Viewable size: 24mm

•FX Switch on rear panel for static or slow rotation of gobo

•Beam Angle: 13 degrees

•Power consumption: 12W max

Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.75”x8”x4.25”

ikon led gobo projector rear image
Ikon Profile Gobo Projector
• Bright white 32W LED indoor Gobo Projector with white exterior finish
• Beam Angle: 15-30 degrees
• Adjustable Beam Angle and Focus
• Manual Framing Shutters
• Gobo size: 26.8mm; Viewable size: 24mm
• Drop in Gobo Slot for Metal or Glass Gobos
• Color Frame For Color Filters
• Multi-voltage: 100-240V, 50/60Hz• Power consumption: 44W max
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 17.75” x 6” x 5”/ 448 x 150 x 127mm
• Weight: 6 lbs. / 2.7 kg.
Ikon Profile Pearl

Stinger 2

•High output 3-FX-In-1: Moonflower, Strobe and Laser effect with 6 x 5W RGBAWP HEX LED’s + 8 x 3W UV LED’s + Red & Green Lasers technology produces color-changing beams of light

•Using a 1.8 Degree Long Life Stepper motor Technology it can produce quick accurate movement or smooth fluid move movements for mood music

•3 Operation modes: Sound Active, Master/Slave or DMX Controllable

• Produces 15 Preset Colors

• Power Consumption: 70W

Dimensions (L x W x H): 12” x 9”x 12.25” / 304x230.5x313mm

stinger ii light
H20 water effect LED light


• Bright 10W LED simulated water flowing effect

• Designed to project on walls, ceilings or floors with or without fog – great for mood or background lighting

• 6 colors: Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple and White

• Beam angle: 34 degrees

• Power consumption: 22W

Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.75”x9”x7.5”

H20 water effect LED light H20 water effect LED light colors

Ultra Hex Bar 12

• Ultra bright, 40-inch indoor Linear Bar with 12 x 10W Ultra bright HEX (RGBWA + UV: 6-IN-1) LEDs

• Smooth RGBAW + UV color mixing

• 6 operational modes: Auto Run, Program Mode, Sound Active, RGBWA + UV Dimmer, Static Color and DMX-512 Mode

• Beam Angle: 40 degrees

• 63 built-in Color Macros

• Power Draw: 90W

Dimensions (LxWxH):
40.25” x 2.75” x 4.75”/ 1020 x 70 x 122mm

Ultra Hex Bar 12

Ultra Hex Bar 6

• Ultra bright, 23-inch (.5 meter) indoor Linear Bar with 6 x 10W Ultra bright HEX (RGBWA + UV: 6-IN-1) LEDs

• Smooth RGBAW + UV color mixing

• 6 operational modes: Auto Run, Program Mode, Sound Active, RGBWA + UV Dimmer, Static Color and DMX-512 Mode

• Light output: 1172 LUX @ 2M; 310 LUX @ 4M (40-degree beam)

• Power Draw: 55W

Dimensions (LxWxH): 23” x 4.5” x 6.5”/ 585 x 110 x 165mm

Ultra Hex Bar 6

COB Cannon Wash

• COB Technology (Chip On Board) with one Quad (4-IN-1) RGBA COB LED)

• Use as Wash/par or Pixel Mapped for a stunning visual effect

• 64 built-in color macros

• Light Source: 1x 150-Watt COB Quad LED (RGBA: 4-IN-1, rated at approximately 50,000 hrs)

 Dimensions (LxWxH):16.25”x9.75”x7.5” / 415x245x192mm

COB Cannon Wash
The ADJ COB Cannon Wash Pearl uses advanced RGBA COB (Chip On Board) technology allowing for a powerful LED engine to be placed in a small amount of space. The result is a high output, smooth color mixing LED Par with no RGBA shadows. Designed for mobile or permanent wash lighting of stages, clubs, dance floors and churches. The COB LED engine on the COB Cannon Wash Pearl is a QUAD RGBA 4-In-1). It also doubles as an uplight with its dual yoke that act as legs to set the fixture upright to wash walls and ceilings.
roto ball RGB tri color LED atmosphere light

Rotoballs Tri LED

• Easy-to-use dual rotating balls produces 60 sound activated beams that change color and strobe to the sound of music

• 4x 3-watt 3-in-1 RGB “TRI Color” LEDs produces a variety of color effects (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Cyan & White)

• Power consumption: 18W per unit

• Dimensions per unit (LxWxH): 22”x9”x11.5”

• Weight (per unit): 11 lbs


Revo 4

• 256 total 5mm LEDs : 64 Red, 64 Green, 64 blue and 64 White

• Sound active from built-in programs

• Beam angle: 50 degree

• Produces unique and exciting LED patterns that may be projected on a wall, ceiling or dance floor - great with or without fog

• Power Consumption: 29W maximum

• Dimensions
(LxWxH): 12.25”x 12” x 13.25”


revo 4 LED effect light creats a virtual dance floor
Boom Box FX1
• High Output 4-FX-IN-1: One Dome effect, one Derby effect, one Strobe/Chase and one green & red Laser effect
• 2 DMX Channel Modes: 3 Channels & 22 DMX Channels
• 3 Operation modes: Sound Active, Show Mode or DMX Controllable
• 9 Exciting built-in shows
• Strobe & Chase LED Effect
• Power Draw: 66W Max (Full On)
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.5” x 25”x 12.5” / 239 x 634 x 319mm
Boombox FX1
Boom Box FX2
• High Output 4 FX in 1: Gobo Effect, Moonflower Effect, Strobe/Chase and green & red laser effect
• 3 Operation modes: Sound Active, Show Mode or DMX Controllable
• 8 Gobos
• 9 Exciting built-in shows
• Power Draw: 62W Max (Full On)
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 9” x 25”x 12.5” / 232 x 634 x 319mm
• Weight: 15.5 lbs. / 7kg.
Boombox FX2
Haze Generators
Creates an instant mist of fog! 
• The Haze Generator™ is a heaterless fog machine that produces an even mist of fog instantly 
• No warm-up time necessary 
• Great for stage performances, bands, clubs, bowling centers etc. 
• 30 foot remote control with timer, haze duration, and interval control 
• Tank capacity: 1.25 liter 
• Output: 1,000 cubic feet per minute 
• Dimensions: 19" x 9.75" x 9.25" 
• Weight: 27 lbs. 
• Available in 120V or 220V operation 
• Uses Haze/G™ oil base liquid only
 Caution: Fog Machines may set off Smoke Alarms!
Haze juice Haze Generator


• The American DJ Bubbletron is the perfect solution for anyone that wants to create a fun or artistic effect on stage or at a performance. It's very easy to use - as easy as pour in the bubbles and turn it on! Bubbletron creates 100's of bubbles per minute from a high velocity, high out put fan. It takes most types of bubble liquids. This portable bubble machine has a lightweight yet durable housing and includes a wired On/Off remote. Bubbletron is great for bands, DJs, clubs, bars and small to medium size stages.

• Durable plastic casing with EZ-Access front fluid tank

• Large high velocity fan makes bubbles rise quickly in the air

• Power Consumption: 24W

• Dimensions (LxWxH): 14”x7"x8.25"

bubbletron blubble maker bubbletron effects
Mirror Ball w/ motor & pinspot

18" Mirrored Ball with Motor

Optional Pinspots with Pole Clamps

Light Trees

• Black high quality aluminum tripod stand
• Single T-bar with mounting hardware
• Tripod extends to 12 ft. (includes support bars)
• Collapses down for easy transport
• Ideal for mobile DJs and bands
• Maximum load capacity 80 lbs. evenly distributed
• Weight: 12 lbs
Light Tree Max Height 12 ft Finish Black


• High quality light duty square truss from Global Truss
• Available in different height increments
• Can be illuminated with LED's
• Ideal for mobile DJs

Let our staff assist you with all of your tent and area lighting needs.
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